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Still Here, a Podcast highlighting The Compassionate Friends, begins its ongoing series of episodes with Lucille Valliere and Linda Chase. Bob Houghtaling leads a discussion that highlights the organization’s attempts to support family members grieving the loss of a child (no matter the age). Stay tuned for future programs which will detail the incredible work done by The Compassionate Friends.

Dec 2, 2023

EPISODE 17: Stuart Greaves visits Still Here to discuss the loss of his son, Karl, to a rare form of cancer. Special emphasis is placed on the celebration of life as well as “learning to help people help me”.

Karl possessed a great sense of humor, learned to speak German, and loved to cook. Stuart asked me to tell...

Nov 13, 2023

EPISODE 16: Jean and David Marandola join Still Here to discuss the loss of their son as well as his struggles with mental illness. Special emphasis is placed on their grief journey along with how they have both found great support from The Compassionate Friends.

Compassionate Friends website:

Oct 5, 2023

EPISODE 15:  Kathy Blackburn, a Social Worker with the Interfaith Counseling Center, discusses her work supporting grieving parents. Special emphasis is placed on developing supports, recognizing that people grieve differently, and how counseling can offer valuable insights for those experiencing loss.


Sep 9, 2023

Taylor’s Story

EPISODE 14: Kathi Sullivan discusses the loss of her daughter, Taylor, to an underage drinking incident, as well as how her grief led to action. Significant emphasis is placed on turning tragedy into change, along with detailing supports available to parents who have lost a child due to substance...

Aug 4, 2023

EPISODE 13:  Ryan Loiselle, LICSW, and Program Director for FRIENDS WAY, discusses the organization’s efforts addressing children grieving the loss of a significant person in their lives. Special emphasis is placed on the effectiveness of group discussions as well as how young people grieve. Finally, FRIENDS WAY also...